Amy Take Two

17 10 2008

WARING>>>>>>>> The images you are about to see were taken in bad lighting on my iPhone. Please forgive me.

This is Amy’s wedding day bouquet and her new hubby’s (Mitch) boutonniere. For the bouquet we used blue iris, green cymbidium orchids, eggplant callas and peacock feathers. I love the texture and the iris’s remind me so much of a peacock. For Mitch’s boutonniere we kept it simple with a single mini calla and the colorful peacock feather. We then adorned it with some of my fav bullion wire which made the colors just pop! Thank you Amy and Mitch for being such great clients!


P.S.- Hopefully we can get some better pics from the fabulous Tawsha from The Color Blue Photography.


Amy’s feathers

29 09 2008

Saturday was Amy’s bridal sitting. For her bouquet she wanted something colorful and it definitely had to have peacock feathers! We used super green roses, purple lisianthus, purple veronica, brown dahlias & peacock feathers. Then we topped it off with some luscious brown satin and alternating pearl head pins. Love it!

P.S.-The top 2 photos were taken by the very talented Tawsha @ The Color Blue Photography. I love the pink bike! This just shows how important having a pro photographer is.


18 09 2008

Just thought i would share a fun little post for today.  A bright topiary made of 3 items: a terracotta pot, Spanish moss and orange roses. Great for centerpieces, larger in scale for a banquet table or just as a thoughtful gift. Enjoy!

Kermit’s a Frog Right?

5 09 2008

 Wrong…. or maybe not! I love the way this turned out. Kermit mums are some of my favorite flowers to work with. They are sturdy and can be used for anything. We took these little guys and decorated a flower girls basket. This adds so much more pizazz than a regular old wicker basket. We add your color ribbon and…….wahla!

Polka Dots & Pomanders

5 09 2008

One of my favorite things ever are pomander balls. Not only are they super adorable, but they remind me of polka dots and i LOVE polka dots! Pomanders are so versatile and can be used in any part of your venue. Whether they are hanging on sheppards hooks down the isle or on the wrist of your very adorable flower girl. They come in any size and we can usually customize them to your wedding colors.

This pomander is made of green kermit mums with teal pearl head pins. For some extra fun and whimsy we hung it from my favorite zebra print ribbon.

Dori’s Sneek Peek

27 08 2008

Saturday was the wedding of Doris and Umong.  

Doris’s colors were watermelon (which seems to be pretty popular with my brides) ivory and sage. I took this picture with my iPhone so excuse the size. Here bouquet consisted of hydrangea, super green roses, Bouvardia, cherry roses, cymbidium orchids and a collar of salal leaves.

More pictures to come

5 Senses

8 08 2008

Courtesy of

When planning a event you want to keep these key factors in mind. They are essential to executing a perfect event.

As soon as your guests walk through your front door or garden gate, set their sights on beautiful things. Fresh flowers, lit candles, or a beautifully set table, create a welcome that captures more than a glance. Color is also a way to stimulate the eye.

Whether guests hear ambient music, birds singing, or water falling, sound is an essential component of a successful party. It helps to set the mood, the pace, and the overall feeling of the celebration. No matter if you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or a cocktail party, think about the atmosphere you desire and work to achieve that feeling through sound.

Smell has the power to remind us of our childhood, a moment in time, or a particular person. It has such a strong connection with our emotions, but is often ignored when planning an event.
Some easy and fairly inexpensive ways to create a wonderful smell that fits the occasion is to buy a candle that has been infused with the aroma that will delight your guest’s nose. Fresh flowers are also a great way to fill the space with clean scents. Timing when you bake your dessert or hot appetizer also helps to create great smells when guests arrive.

Entice your guests to not only study your table and party decorations, but make the party accessories either interesting or playful enough for guests to want to pick the items up. For instance, display photos of the guest of honor or strategically place memorabilia or items that enhance your theme all around your event space.

Some may argue that food is the most important factor to a successful party. We would say that we have to agree.